Operators and Fair Competition Sector

Sector functions are as follows:​

  • Encouraging and attracting competition and investment in the ICT field while safeguarding against unfair competition and abuse by operators benefiting from a monopoly market position.
  • Developing and updating programs relating to the State’s overarching ICT vision and strategy.
  • Publishing annual reports outlining the CITRA’s activities, achievements, future plans and any changes in telecommunications and information technology policies.
  • Setting annual rates and tarrifs related to the service coverage that providers are required to provide and in compliance with the latest regulations and standards, in addition to developing and monitoring service quality levels and safeguarding against abuse by providers that enjoy a monopoly position.
  • Setting fees and tariffs for licenses, frequencies, numbers and online domains as well as identifying other forms of returns within the ICT sector, and the collection of these fees, tariffs, and other forms of returns.
  • Granting licenses and permits related to the establishment, commercial operation, and management of public telecommunications networks, as well as regulating the establishment of an international communication infrastructure systems and access system structures based on announcement mechanism, the requirements and how long it would take to be granted.
  • Developing national ICT policies, while ensuring fair competition, safe market practices, and equal opportunity.
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