Frequency Spectrum

Frequency Spectrum is a natural resource that can be used to provide various telecommunications services including personal and public communication, aeronautical, maritime, navigation, radio and search and rescue communication as well as radio geolocations. Spectrum management is a set of technical and administrative procedures necessary to ensure orderly and efficient operations of various radio communication services in the country, in accordance with relevant international and regional agreements.

The following is the set of regulations governing frequency spectrums:

  • The National Frequency Spectrum Table
  • Fees for frequency spectrum usage
  • Planning and allocation of frequency spectrum
  • Radio frequency interference
  • Technical monitoring of radio frequency spectrum
  • Radio licensing
  • Amateur radio service licensing

Example of beneficiaries from ​Spectrum Services


New Radio service for radio amateurs

  • Wireless amateurs accredited by the Kuwaiti Association for Wireless Amateurs.

New Import permission for communication devices

  • Individuals and companies according to regulations and regulations.

New Radio communication Statement - Citizen Band CB

  • CB users on motorcycles.
  • CB users on trucks.

New Permission for fixed and mobile radio services

  • Mobile operators
  • Major construction projects

New Aeronautical​ Radio communication Permit

  • For civil aircraft registered in the State of Kuwait.

New The permit to trade communications equipment

  • For companies wishing to import, store, sell and install wireless devices according to regulations

New Request to release communications devices

  • Individuals and companies according to regulations and regulations.

New Maritime Permit

  • Ships and registered vessels in the State of Kuwait.
  • Fishing and picnic boats.

 New Type Approval 

  • Manufacturers of communications devices.
Frequency Spectrum services


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